Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Fitness has gotten a bad rap. Somewhere along the way fitness became something done in gyms or that had to be done at a specific time or place. How many people have joined a health club and then never found the time in a busy schedule to go? Or signed up for yoga (or pilates, or Crossfit) and then dropped out after a month when they can’t make classes? Boundless believes fitness is not something that just happens in a gym, but something that can go with you anywhere at anytime. We enable this through custom programs suited to where and when you can exercise – a program that fits into your life, not one that you need to punch holes in your schedule to make happen.

Measure it

One of my favorite coaches once said “what gets measured gets attention” and I have seen it proven out time after time both in business and in fitness. Boundless has partnered with Fitbit to provide a system of measurement that will help us measure progress and tune our program to your needs. Most of all it helps you understand your overall level of activity, and provides a system for you to help making small improvements to your level of movement.


People (us included!) live out of balance. We sit too much and play too little. We spend a ton of time doing things we don’t love, and very little doing things we do. We miss out on spending time with those most important to us. Boundless believes helps our athletes move in the direction of achieving greater balance in their lives focused around 4 key areas:
– The “active self” , who we are when we are exercising or playing.
– The “productive self”, who we are when we are working
– The “spiritual or meditative self”, who we are when we are engaged in meditation or contemplation
– The “interpersonal self”, who we are when we are enagaged with others on a purely personal level (friends, family, etc,)
This is no way an over night fix, but by making gradual changes and good decisions we can help you to achieve greater balance, and fun!

We are your “fitness buddy”

Did you ever have someone you went to they gym with regularly – and saw how much easier it made it to go? We are your new fitness buddy. We’ll give you all the motivation, congratulations, and coaching you need to be successful. Whether it’s a quick text, and in-depth email, a call to talk through how things are going, or a hour facetime session to work on technique we are here for you. Think of it as having a personal trainer mashed up with a gym buddy mashed up with a coach.