What do I get with Boundless?

1. “The Program”: Every week on Sunday you’ll get the weeks program. This will set your fitness goals for the week – it won’t be day bound or time bound, but we want you to get it all done. Travelling this week? No access to a gym? Just let us know by Saturday and we’ll adapt the program for where you’ll be. This is your workout – no two “Program”s are the same.

2. “The Food”: Each week we’ll give you guidelines and challenges to start modifying your nutrition profile. It won’t be a meal plan, but it will set the framework for how you think about food for the week. If you want or need a meal plan we are more than happy to help with that too.

3. “The Assessment”: You’ll get a quick summary of each week on our thoughts of how the last week went. Things to think about, ways to manage stress, and things to work on.

4. “The Motiviation”: This will happen when you least expect it. A quick text asking how your workout went. Tips and pointers for the next day. Answers to a question you have on an exercise. We got you.