Why the heck are you so expensive?

Haha...we like to think we're cheap if you think about what you get. All of our programs are fully customized and designed for your level of fitness and access to equipement. All for less than what you'd pay for 4 personal trainer sessions a month!

Why is Boundless better than (insert here)?

We don't claim to be better than any other program - if Crossfit works for you than go join a box! Love running - then go run and stop reading this! Like P90X? Go buy the program and get to work. We love all fitness, and there is no ``wrong`` way to getting fit. If you like our approach we'd love to help you get to moving more and findinga more balanced life. But like everything else in life, this may not be for you. What you do get with us is a group of passionate coaches who want to see you succeed.